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President-elect Draupadi Murmu is the first Tribal President of India

15th President of India - Draupadi Murmu NDA candidate Draupadi Murmu won the presidential election against opposition candidate Yashvant Sinha on 21st July 2022. With this Draupadi Murmu became the 15th president of India. Murmu comes from a tribal background and hails from Odisha. Murmu got support from Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik's party Biju Janta Dal. Before being president-elect, Murmu also served as the Governor of Jharkhand and is known for her famous 50 lakh plantation drive in Odisha.
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Cases of Omicron variant detected in India

9 more Omicron variant positive cases found in Jaipur. Tally reaches 21 total Omicron variant cases in India. Four persons from Maharashtra who returned from foreign tours and three of their close contacts tested positive for Omicron variant, leading the tally to 12 confirmed cases in India. 5th confirmed case for Omicron variant and 1st for the capital Delhi has returned from Tanzania and is now admitted into LNJP hospital, Delhi. A 33-year-old man from Maharashtra who traveled to Mumbai from South Africa via Dubai and Delhi late last month has tested positive for the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, in the fourth such case confirmed in India. A man who returned from Zimbabwe was found infected with the Omicron variant of coronavirus in Gujarat's Jamnagar, the state health department said, in the third case of the strain in India.  A 46-year-old Bangalorean Doctor and a 66-year-old foreigner who came from South Africa via Dubai are the first 2 confirmed cases of Omicron variant

Types of SARS Cov2 variants (Corona Virus) detected in India

Top 7 cryptocurrencies in November 2021

Cryptocurrency restarted its bull run again after a small consolidation period of May-June 2021 to August-September 2021, retail traders showing lots of interest in it. Investors, traders and even the non-traders acknowledging the tech behind cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and decentralized finance (Defi). Coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Algorand, Polka Dot, Shiba Inu have given immense returns in third quarter quarter of the year 2021. This article lists the top 7 cryptocurrencies to invest in in October 2021. #1 - Bitcoin (BTC) Bitcoin has been around for the longest of any cryptocurrency. It’s easy to see why it’s the leader, with a price, market cap, and volume that’s much higher than any other investment option. Even with thousands of other cryptocurrencies on the market, Bitcoin still represents over 43% of the cryptocurrency market cap. Many businesses already accept Bitcoin as payment, which makes this cryptocurrency a smart investment. Visa, for example, transa

Tokyo Olympics 2020 Live updates

Live updates on Tokyo Olympics 2020-21 Chanu Saikhom Mirabai won silver in weightlifting, women's 49kg category. Men's Individual Archery Ranking Round results - Pravin 31st, Atanu 35th, Tarundeep 37th Indian Archer Atanu Das, Pravin Jadhav and Tarundeep Rai - are yet to play in men's individual ranking round. Indian Archer Deepika Kumari finishes 9th in ranking round, with a score of 663, while South Korea's An San (680) broke games record previously held by Lina Herasymenko of Ukraine (673).

Top 5 Crypto Coins to invest in 2021

Crypto coins has given one of the best returns compared with any other financial utilities available in  market as of date to invest in. Bitcoin ($BTC) has given around 800% of returns in fiscal year 2020-21 while Ethereum ($ETH) gave around 700% returns.  As on the present day of writing this post, $BTC has reached $59,109 while $ETH has reached $2,143 and as per various surveys cryptos are way to go up for upto 600% by the end of this fiscal year 2021-22. Here are top 5 crypto coins which are expected to excel and give better returns in this current fiscal year 2021-22. These are also the must have 5 cryptos in every cryptocoin enthusiasts and investor's portfolios. Bitcoin $BTC undoubtedly the most popular and widely accepted crypto seems to outperform this fiscal year as well. Ethereum $ETH is another crypto holding #2 position in crypto world too doesn't seems to loose its shine and expected to give return of 500% this fiscal year. Ripple $XRP currently at #4 performed