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Open letter to all Anti-CAA-NRC-NPR Vs Pro-CAA protesters

To, All Pro-CAA & Anti-CAA-NRC-NPR protesters There is a limit to everything, if crossed nothing remains except the memories to regret. CAA is a law now, which many felt divisive/discriminatory and around 140 petitions have been filed against to which the Supreme Court has agreed to listen and also to setup a constitutional bench to decide the constitutionality of the law. People across the country are sitting in peaceful protest to this law on the model of Shaheen Bagh in Delhi. Protests are done to let the Govt know that the passed law is unacceptable to certain categories of people and hence need to be revisited or to be scrapped if possible. In this case it’s much beyond letting the Govt know that the law is not acceptable, Govt has already taken a step back in the implementation of NRC across the country. It’s no longer a national debate but has been taken up by international media and platforms like anything, few even finding ways to malign India’s reputation worldwide