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Top 5 Crypto Coins to invest in 2021

Crypto coins has given one of the best returns compared with any other financial utilities available in  market as of date to invest in. Bitcoin ($BTC) has given around 800% of returns in fiscal year 2020-21 while Ethereum ($ETH) gave around 700% returns.  As on the present day of writing this post, $BTC has reached $59,109 while $ETH has reached $2,143 and as per various surveys cryptos are way to go up for upto 600% by the end of this fiscal year 2021-22. Here are top 5 crypto coins which are expected to excel and give better returns in this current fiscal year 2021-22. These are also the must have 5 cryptos in every cryptocoin enthusiasts and investor's portfolios. Bitcoin $BTC undoubtedly the most popular and widely accepted crypto seems to outperform this fiscal year as well. Ethereum $ETH is another crypto holding #2 position in crypto world too doesn't seems to loose its shine and expected to give return of 500% this fiscal year. Ripple $XRP currently at #4 performed