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Open letter to all Anti-CAA-NRC-NPR Vs Pro-CAA protesters


All Pro-CAA & Anti-CAA-NRC-NPR protesters

There is a limit to everything, if crossed nothing remains except the memories to regret. CAA is a law now, which many felt divisive/discriminatory and around 140 petitions have been filed against to which the Supreme Court has agreed to listen and also to setup a constitutional bench to decide the constitutionality of the law. People across the country are sitting in peaceful protest to this law on the model of Shaheen Bagh in Delhi.

Protests are done to let the Govt know that the passed law is unacceptable to certain categories of people and hence need to be revisited or to be scrapped if possible. In this case it’s much beyond letting the Govt know that the law is not acceptable, Govt has already taken a step back in the implementation of NRC across the country. It’s no longer a national debate but has been taken up by international media and platforms like anything, few even finding ways to malign India’s reputation worldwide. India is facing unprecedented pressure and it seems to be rising in the coming days if this protest continues. I sincerely urge people to STOP protesting against Citizenship (Amendment) Act and wait for the Constitutional bench to decide on this.

If you think, stopping the protest will give central Govt an edge and belief of winning the side, trust me, it will not. As already mentioned India is already under unprecedented pressure from various international organizations like UN, EU, UNHRC, USCIR, OIC and few other Muslim dominated countries, India will never do a thing which may lead to sanctions against India in terms of trade or even VISA issuance.

All confusion started because of blabbering of current Union Home Minister Amit Shah by trying to explain the chronology of implementation of CAA then NRC pan India (which was not even discussed or drafted in parliament), in various political rallies, mostly in North Eastern states. He also gave statements like all non-muslims coming to India will be given citizenships per CAA and Muslims refugees will be thrown out, which actually instigated the whole issue. But this blabbering of politicians are not new just think how Americans tolerate their presidents blab who sometimes says, I would love to mediate between India & Pakistan on Kashmir conflict and sometimes says its an internal matter to them.

These politicians after all are humans like us only and can make mistakes of blabbering publicly a thing which is not even discussed in Parliament, although they take oath on this that they will never say or share anything which has not been discussed or even discussed but not decided yet to be shared publicly, in this case it’s for sure Amit Shah is at fault. But staking the whole country’s reputation because of someone’s nuisance is really unacceptable and should not be carried forward. Just count how many other union ministers you know who would have said that NRC will be implemented across the country after Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it in a public rally in Ramlila Maidan, I believe none. Not a single BJP union minister said anything on NRC implementation. And without NRC, CAA is toothless. As far as NPR is concerned the present form of NPR, which asks for parents birth place and dates is already criticized by all non BJP Govts and even allies like JDU, SAD and TRS.

As said earlier Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi ji has already said publicly in a rally in Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi that NRC is not even discussed and not going to come in near future, this should be respected and all sorts of protests be withdrawn. Not only Non-BJP ruled states but even BJP-ally ruled states like Bihar, have started passing resolutions in their legislative assemblies against the implementation of new form of NPR and nation wide NRC.



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